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Why are finnish people so shy?

Why are finnish people so shy?

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Why not?

They are not. They just don’t want to talk.

Finnish people tend to be on the more “modest side” especially to strangers. In my experience Finnish people only really talk when they’ve got something to say and they don’t mind the silence that comes when there is nothing to say. Small talk is basically non existent in Finnish conversations thus making it even more pointless to speak to strangers which is why Finns come off as shy. The only way to break this it to help some Finns, make some memories, and erect on that friendship. A Finnish friend is a friend for life! Posting this as someone who… Read more »

Are we?

[eye contact avoiding intensifies]

Why are foreigners so loud?

The question should be “What makes Finns shy”? In my experience, I don’t find them shy. What I have noticed, they are more humble and try not to bring attention to them. But then again, there are exceptions. I have lived in Finland for link of being, and I came across as the shy one. This in my opinion is just a stereotype? ​ You need to elaborate your question more and what was the circumstances? If I remember correctly, every other Finn told me “I am not excellent in English” even tho, they speak better than me :D, I… Read more »

I always face reverse. When Finn starts to talk, they don’t stop and listen to other 🙂

I just finished my finland trip, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Ivalo, I don’t reckon they are shy, in fact they are really nice and friendly and humble people, but they are indeed not as loud as some American/British/Italian I guess. I prefer the Finns maybe cos I’m Asian.

I don’t see this stereotype. We can be a modest modest as a group, but in general people tend to be pretty social and rambunctious.

On a similar note, for the most part at least today, Finlanf isn’t *that* cold, relative to like parts of Canada where the temp can be -40 easily and had like thrice the population of the in fact cold parts of Finland. I sure wish it was a bit colder, though. Like maybe we are more en suite for colder temps, though.

open a bottle of vodka and find out.

Even the guy who announces the train stop whispers every word. It was the most amusing thing when I visited for the initially time.

But the shyness is compensated by the metal that is Finland. It’s like every other person is in a band shirt.

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