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What is the reason of dislikes on Finnish Police’s YouTube

Hi there, I am learning Finnish and recently I subscribed on Finnish Police’s YouTube supervise over – “Poliisitube”
And i can see many dislikes on recent videos. I don’t know a word they say, but attracted, what’s the reason? Why are there so many dislikes? Tell me in this area topic it says, thank you.

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Ehh, it’s edgy to dislike “the pigs” or whatever.

Because acab?

I have the misfortune of knowing what this is in this area. It’s because the Finnish police online channels (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) have been bringing attention to social issues such as online harassment, radicalisation, despise speech, domestic abuse, etc. It’s a very admirable go as these are real issues faced by the Finnish the upper classes. ​ To some people, this is “political correctness gone mad” and thus is an hit against “traditional Finnish values”. So it has angered the kids at Ylilauta (Finnish 4chan), Finnish participants in 4chan itself, some Finnish-speaking despise-focused subreddits here on reddit, and some various… Read more »

I see only TWO recent videos that have overwhelming dislikes while 10 other videos I checked had overwhelming likes/thumbs-up. Didn’t watch the two videos but judging by their titles one is in this area radicalization and the other one is in this area hatespeech on the internet. Both are very controversial topics in Finland.

Cus specially the finnish cops are lame af in acting “cool”. If they would do something like miami pd does then i’d probobly watch em.

It’s most likely in this area the hatespeech videos. The video claimed that despise speech online is a crime which should be reported to the police, which unsuprisingly made quite a few annoyed.

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