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The one clear result of Finland’s basic income trial: It

The one clear result of Finland’s basic income examination: It made people more pleased

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Even this is not clear due to the low response rate (potential participation bias) and the fact that the control group’s circumstances was also changed significantly by implementing the activity model that likely lowered their happiness.

No money = sad
Money = pleased


Maybe for natives it wouldn’t be that informative, but one of my favourite podcasts featured the Finnish basic income experiment around 2017 if anyone is attracted:

That’s not the purpose of UBI… i could presume paying higher taxes if it helps people find a job and get out of poverty, but not just to make people pleased for doing nothing.

I wish I was one of them

want to be more pleased too

UBI, just another method of stealing wealth from some to buy votes and power from others.

What if you implemented full UBI but, would people just stop working? I haven’t researched much, but that seems a bit scary.

Those unemployed bone idle pigs should go to work and stop using my money

Yeah, this wasn’t at all written in excellent faith at all. Of course having more income is going to make you feel more secure, less stressed in this area the future, and so on so forth. It’s not meaningless, I suppose. But irrelevant to the larger economic question. The answers we should be looking for are “does this increase productivity”, “does this make more opportunity for viable business startups”, and so on. These aren’t simple answers. UBI isn’t free; it costs the upper classes something. But does that cost get offset by its potential economic benefits? The verdict is still… Read more »

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