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OK, Ireland has officially roasted you, Finland.

OK, Ireland has officially roasted you, Finland.

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I see the joke but not the roast.

But that’s Ford Focus

It’s excellent that Nokia’s og products are wellingtons, then.

Is the joke that the water is Nokia water and full of shit?

That’s grand but it’s a shite attempt at a roast

The next photo shows heroic, indestructible Nokia 3310 rising from the water, carrying the car and saving the passengers!

The joke makes sense. The title makes no sense.

I’m a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

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Right car is gone, guess its nokia rubber tires still remain

How is this roasting us, exactly


Ireland? Roast? What is going on?


How’s Ireland related to this?

Nokia is still a pretty excellent company to work for. They are huge in 4g/5g network building.

comment image?auto=webp&s=941f27f1f4ca7242c5a3b6f6649f90e905a13e3f)

I am guessing you’re Irish, DiamondJolt? It would clarify the dreadful sense of humour, if nothing else.

Why Ireland?

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