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Now is February right?

Now is February right?

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I hear that it is. I despise all this “above 0” bullshit

Ah yes, it in fact is february and nature got too drunk again. Nothing out of the run of the mill.

I’d rather take -14 than 4.

As an Indian living in Finland (who despises the cold), winter here should be below -5. I despise this icy, watery mud we have right now. I thoroughly loved -15!

Anything linking -5 to +5 is a nightmare!!!

Palms in Helsinki

Let’s hope all the snow finally melts

I have no problem with this. If its 30 in may then everything is nice.

That’s not real winter. So sad. It should be 20-30 below zero in Southern Finland right now.

Where’s this Gulf Stream fella? I got a few choice words for that dongface.

And they say climate change isn’t real…

It’s been snowing in Hawaii and Las Vegas

When it’s warmer in Enontekiö than in Helsinki (in February)…

Damn, it’s warmer in parts of Finland than in southern Michigan. What alternate timeline do we live in. We’re hundreds of miles south of you guys.

Looks more like June and Midsummer, maybe a bit warm for that though

Global varming

I thought I blacked out on benzos and lost a month or two from my memory but seems like I am ok.

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