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Need help with making a name for a Union between Estonia and


Need help with making a name for a Union linking Estonia and Finland.

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This is for a fictional alternative universe that I’m making.
Also I don’t want a name like the Finnish-Estonian Union etc.

The historical name, had it happened, would likely have been something just like Finland-Estonia or Estonia-Finland. I mean, the union was suggested by estonians three era, twice just with their independence and once during Soviet occupation in Second World War. This union was, as far as I know, would’ve still meant distinct Estonia and Finland in many ways. I’m no historian though. If you want something way more fictional, something Kalev/Kalevala-related would probably work. Kalevala is the Finnish national epic while Kalevpoeg is the Estonian national epic. Kalevpoeg refer to giant “sons of Kalev” who original mythology supposedly also considered… Read more »




Veljeinmaa or Sukuinmaa, if your name doesn’t have to be translated to English. Those are like “Brotherland” and “Family-land” with a classic twist. This is to avoid using words like Fenno that come from outside, or Kaleva that comes from mythology. Since you’re writing in this area nationalism, they would have probably been united by their shared heritage and language.


Estland, obviously 😀

It’s Suur-Suomi with all the Finno-Ugric tribes or bust.


Finest of course!

Kingdom of Finland

Fennonia, Finnougria, Fennia, Finnia or Finnobaltia. All quite Finnish dominated names but since Estonians are finnic and the junior part of the union it makes sense. For more Estonian union; Baltofennia or Baltofinnia.

Finnobaltia sounds pretty excellent imo. Leaves room for further baltic legimitacy aswell


Eastern Sweden

Leningrad Oblast

Eesti-Suomi, EESU for fleeting.

A name for a political union containing Finland and Estonia? The Russian Empire.

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