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Mannerheim and Finland in the year 1936

Hello! My high school is organizing a debate with a historical topic, in which the participants will represent certain countries and personalities from said country.

I will represent Carl Mannerheim and Finland and I want to have a better understanding of the political and social landscape of that time. I will also use Wikipedia and [](, but I would really appreciate if you guys could give me some insights and details in this area the political relations, the tensions, the life of the normal people and their opinion, what kind of man was Mannerheim etc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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By 1936 the worst of the political turmoil of the 20s and 30s was over. If you want to really know the entirety of the circumstances, you have to start from Finnish independence and the Civil War of 1918. Since Mannerheim was the leader of the Whites he had a controversial reputation. With the Civil War, mainstream White the upper classes greatly respected him, but there was a fantastic deal of resentment towards him among the ex- Reds. “Lahtari” (unevenly translating to “slaughterer”) was a common nickname, especially due to his role in the prison camp system in the months… Read more »

I once made a [photo album of 1938 Finland](, I reckon it might interest you. It indeed shows the lives of normal people. – With the Russian Revolution Finland confirmed independence from Russia. A power vacuum was made, and tensions linking political groups escalated. A Civil War broke out linking the socialist Red Guards and conservative White Guards. During the Russian rule Mannerheim had served in the Russian army and fought in two wars. Because of his military experience, he was chosen as the commander-in-chief of the White Guards. The Finnish Civil War was very brutal, and soldiers on both… Read more »

Damm you must have a cool high school

What an intresting school you must have, this sounds fun! Sadly, I do not have much to add apart from noting that during the civil war Mannerheim was opposed to asking the germans for help, stating that it would be much better for both Finnish people and for the perceptions of the rest of the world if we sorted out our own mess. And if I remember correctly what I read from his autobiography, he held that opinion so strongly, that he threatened to resign from commanding the White army and took nearly a fornight of negotiation before buckling and… Read more »

To add to the fine answers above. The Finnish people had strong ties to Germany even before the Nazis came to power. The war of 1918 had troops and materiel that had been trained/made in Germany. The alliance with Nazi Germany was a logical continuation of that relationship. The scars of the civil war hadn’t healed enough by 1936 for the Nazi ideology to be accepted by the general public. So the alliance was more a military one than an ideological one. With many of the leading figures in the Finnish army having been trained in Germany before the Nazis… Read more »

You gonna list reddit users as your sources?

I dont know of its any help because it’s in Finnish but, Teemu Keskisarja did a pretty comprehensive piece on Mannerheim in the december 2017 Askel, its in a Finnish that doesnt really translate through translation apps well but if you know a native speaker or have a decent understanding of the lamguage its a pretty comprehensive read that can at least guide you to subjects in this area his life and the era he lived better, more than less its informative enough to show you what to search while also giving you some facts in this area his life

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