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Finnish Youtubers

Hello fellow north-dwellers.

I was kinda looking for Finnish YouTubers who are only early on the platform to collaborate with or, at least, somehow join the community. I know there is a bunch of quite huge channels, but I feel ridiculous asking them, cause they have been doing this for a while and it would just feel like I want to leech on somebody’s success. Any advice, like where to poke and who to question?

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Your best bet to find small channels would be to type the subject topic in Finnish, into the search bar of Youtube. You can sort by views, date, etc… If you just want to find general vloggers, try incisive in English for “Finnish Exchange Student”. They always seem to make the same videos as one another, like it’s some rule of the exchange program that they make a few vlogs and montages. When they get back to Finland some of them continue making videos. They usually last a few months and then give up but there are others that keep… Read more »

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