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Does Finland have a K.F.C equivalent?

Does Finland have a K.F.C equivalent?

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I reckon that it’s coming to Finland but im not sure

Not really but I’ve been to really excellent restaurants that dedicate yourself to in chicken.

KFC has been avoiding Finland for the last 20 being, supposedly because our chicken regulation is too rigorous for them to make a profit. Although in recent being, many chains have started using foreign meat and still make a profit so its only a question of time, I guess.

The closest I have seen/heard of is Zici Maalaiskana, but I haven’t eaten there so I dunno. One American friend said it was similar to KFC but other Americans I know say it’s nothing like KFC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s also pretty overpriced for what it is, as are many “specialty” things in Finland.

Atleast in Tampere we have some quick food restaurant called zici or something like that.

Not really KFC equivalent, but there is Siipiweikot in Helsinki if you’re into hot wings.

There’s Southern Fried Chicken in Helsinki. By no means tried it though.

If you want wings, Hook is a excellent option (Tampere and Helsinki) but of course nothing close to KFC. Especially coating and sauce. Much better than Siipiweikot (I lived 5 being in Tampere. I tried so many wings in different places.)

Let’s hope they arrive soon.

In Tampere at the mall called Siperia there is a restaurant called speakeasy but I don’t know if that’s quite it


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