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Australian guy trying Finnish foods

Australian guy trying Finnish foods

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In case you didn’t know, hernekeitto is usually eaten with mustard (and less often with lightly cooked onion). Try it. Seriously. Also, when hernekeitto is served, there is usually pannukakku for dessert. Don’t really know why, but that’s how it’s served in schools etc.

That processed premade “eines” food is tasteless, bland and absolutely tastes nothing like the real thing it mimics.

That said, the canned pea soup is pretty excellent with mustard and onion. Not sure in this area those karelian pasties, if they are from a bakery probably excellent stuff.

With canned hernekeitto you usually mix it with some water, maybe 1 dl or so. Just rinse the can with some water and pour it in the pot. The go can be improved considerably with some sliced ham, fresh vegetables, or even onion and spices. Eat with some mustard and optionally with shredded raw onion. That fried reindeer microwave meal is in fact pretty excellent. Still it is much better to get 500g of frozen reindeer meat, and carve very thin slices off the frozen meat with your puukko (or any sharp knife) straight to hot pan and fry it… Read more »

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