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Aalto University Career web

I’m a prospective student. I saw that Aalto career events, workshops, and mentor are all in Aalto career web.

For current Aalto students:
How strong is the alumni connections and mentor-mentee program? I aim for getting a referral from one of Aalto’alumnies in Silicon Valley or Europe (cause International students like me lacks connections and very hard to find jobs)

Is there many career oriented events, workshops or English speaking internship posting aim for bachelor students ?

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Getting a referral is hard. Aalto Career web is mostly for open application type positions. Networking often happens through more informal forums in my experience. Mentor program is more for your personal development and less in this area getting a foot linking the door. Most of the events are large open-for-all type events that are aimed at bachelor and master students. This is based on my experiences at Aalto.

I might have misunderstood something in your message since it lacks clarity. Hope I answered some of your questions.

Just to erect on a prior comment: for English-speaking internships at the bachelor’s level, those are a bit tougher to come by, but not impossible. At the university, you will find it more likely to get an English-language internship/research position in a research group, rather than professional company. I recommend, as it was recommended to me when I was still an undergraduate, to make a resume/CV in English and Finnish. The Career Air force office can help you with that. You can also check [Academic Work]( to see if there are any jobs that might interest you. Also, if you… Read more »

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