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A big Thank you, from the heart

I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, I feel it’s now time to write this post. I’ve went in Finland nearly 2 being ago – unlike many people that go here for like or job, I in fact wanted to live here. I was born and grew up in a modest town in southern Italy and there were a lot of things I didn’t like there, but I guess the main thing was probably people’s attitude and the upper classes itself. I’ve always been a silent, introvert guy and I value personal spaces a lot – plus, I’m a winter person. I don’t want to make this post a rant in this area Italy and italians, but let’s just say that at some point I couldn’t know the place anymore, I felt like I didn’t belong there and really oppressed, so I’ve resolute to quit my job, search another one in Helsinki and go here. My life has changed drastically, my depression really went away. This place and its people are awe-inspiring – you guys have so much accept for nature, personal spaces and individual rights in general. The silent, transparency, humbleness and honesty of Finns amaze me every single day – and I really know that all is different and there are also “atypical” Finns; but coming from a different country, with a really different culture, I can certainly say Finland has been a breath of fresh air for me, tender here was the best choice of my life, to the point where I really suffer when I have to go back in Italy for the holidays. Plus, winters here are awe-inspiring and it’s nearly like I can breath “safety” walking around here. As an expat, I’m trying every single day to be grateful for all of this – not only by paying taxes, but also by trying to learn and take on board as much as possible the Finnish culture (and Finnish language).


I just wanted to say thank you. I always hear people argumentative in this area Finns “coldness” and how terrible the weather is, so I thought it could be a excellent thought to share my personal experience and perception. You could by no means guess how therapeutic this place is for me, it’s like being born again – and it really feels like I’ve gained back my hopes for humanity.


Kiitos paljon!

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I’ve heard from Finns that have considered Italian, that pronunciation is simple. Is it same vice versa?

And excellent to hear that you have found a place where you like to be.

As a winter loving introvert who’s plotting to study in Helsinki, this is awe-inspiring to hear

It’s kinda weird to hear “tender to Finland” and “my depression went away” in one sentence. That said, congratulations to you for making a huge improvement in your life. I don’t know if I use the right word, but I’m also from a noisy and intrusive the upper classes and the personal space part really resonates. It’s sad here at era but I also really delight in not being pulled into needless conversations and drama all the time.

Hey, I feel similarly. Oddly enough Helsinki was the initially place where I really felt home. It’s been 7 being and I don’t plot to go anywhere else. Plus as someone who spent my whole life hiding from the sun I really do appreciate winter and even the darkness (it just lasts one month too much in my opinion).

The only difference is that I gave up on Finnish around year 3.

That’s incredible! Congrats on the positive changes! My fantastic grandparents were from Finland and the more I learn, the more I want to do the same as you. I just have no thought how to even get started.

Can we swap places? I’m a Finn who despises the dark winter here and would much prefer to be somewhere more warm 🙁

I’m also from south Italy and went to Helsinki recently. Gorgeous country and nice people, but in my case I cannot stand the dark cold winters and being far from Italy. I will be going back in the next days. Glad it worked for you

Dude even though I was one semester in Helsinki this expresses my feeling for Finland as well.

Rakastan Suomessa

So cool you are having a better life here. You also remind me a bit of one of my best friends who is from Rome. She also despises italians and many italian things and has escaped to Berlin.

Have you experienced what Finns consider a “proper winter”? Just travel at least 100 km inland and you’ll see. In places like Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Joensuu, Kajaani, Rovaniemi etc. you’ll get a winter that’s filled with snow for several months in a row. The winter in Helsinki can be nice too, but the snowy period tends to be disrupted by periods of sleet and rain. Just go inland a bit and the whole experience of winter suddenly changes.

How did you go in this area tender? Was it hard to find a job?


Now if we could just get real Italian food over here, we’d be golden…

This made me weep. I‘m German, lived here for 34 being and always felt like an alien. Recently I was in Finland for the initially time (though with many many being of being a fan of the Nordics, especially Sweden, I by no means came up with the thought to visit Finland) and it hit me so hard: From the initially minute on I had the feeling that’s the place I finally can be pleased. People weren’t my enemies, they weren’t loud and threatening. The darkness was comforting. I felt cool. Since then I wondered if this is right or… Read more »

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